Thursday, October 06, 2005

The demise of a loved one

Granny, 78, passed away in the wee hours of Tuesday morning about 3am, peacefully in her sleep...the doctors confirmed she was gone when she reached the hospital.

I'm back in Penang, the funeral was today. Mom cried...but we are all, in a way, glad granny does not have to continue her bedridden life and deteriorating skin problems.
Much I have observed and much I have learnt in life but blogging here about it is perhaps, way too personal. I hope to see her in heaven one day...together with my grandpa who left us last year.



ms. see-taw-pear-ley said...

my condolences...

antiterrorist said...

i'm so sorry to hear that sis. u take care ya.

Libra said...

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jacksons said...

My condolences

lotsachi said...

my condolences to you, joanne.

just so you know, i'm chi and we took acting improv 2 with mr S and solo performance with mr T together in upm.

seeing this post, reminded me of the solo performance you did. the song you ah. forgot the tunes, but i remember how it moved me. tersebak dada... heh.