Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Double Joy!

This morning itself, 2 good news visited me and I just felt so compelled to blog!

Firstly, my colleague who acted alongside me in our previous play "12AM" told me that a foreign lady wrote a review on the play in Kakiseni website. (she actually had tears in her eyes in my final Now, our director is trying to arrange if we could perform in The Actors Studio Bangsar... so I can only say, pray :)

U can find the review here, 2nd part of the article. (Joanne TYC is me-lah)
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  • (Click on "Aunties in Agony")

    Secondly, I have been confirmed in my job! After 3 months :) It may sound like not a big deal just to be estatic over a confirmation but I am because i report directly under my boss. I am just so thankful and I have everything to owe it to God. He deserves all the credit and glory!

    *and hey u guys out there in Penang, wanna buy flowers for valentine's? I'll give you a good deal...and I mean really good deal! You can't get a better deal in penang than this


    Comrade Kenny said...

    Woohoo!! We'll be sure to buy flower to throw on stage if you come back to KL to perform!

    @>-;-- jay said...

    Praise the LORD! :)

    coolcat said...

    Oh wowowowow! I read the reviews and I'm so proud of you, girl! You did very well *hugs* Peik Joo is just a glimpse of a mountain of talent :D