Friday, February 10, 2006

MGS-ians, class of 1997

Here are some pictures taken at the end of December 2005 / beginning of January 2006. Its great to see each other again, everyone is everywhere now...some here, some overseas. It amazes me of how different / the same we looked since the ol' schooling much we have grown in our own experiences and lives.

And how we loved talking about
the silly things we used to do,
the teachers we used to dread,
the subjects we used to excel "with flying colours",
the people in our lives now...
(mind you, these are some of the most talented and smartest students in school)

Some of my school friends @ Coffee bean, Belissa Row (I'm absent)

Some of my school friends again @ Coffee bean, Island Plaza

Phei Chen (my childhood friend since 4 years old, we pratically grew up together)

Say Thye (now we call her Trina, she resides in Canada presently)


Sze Zeng said...

*jaw drops*

enn@j said...

hello zeng,

Your jaw dislocated?! Haha ;p