Monday, February 27, 2006

WBS Study Material Arrived!

Upon returning from a tiring but really fruitful Media Boot Camp at Fraser's Hills, I discovered 2 letters waiting for me in my room. One is my Maxis phonebill and the other, to my delight is an enveloped with a US chopped stamp mail!

Almost midnight and didn't even bother to take a bath after my long journey home, I opened the envelope. Its the study material from
  • World Bible School

  • I registered online last year November and with it came an address from a study helper, whom I can correspond with. Name's Terry Cheek from US! I was just speechless and filled with an unspeakable happiness, my sleepy eyes litted up and my smile was just so wide!

    It's been a wonderful weekend indeed! (except for one situation which really fueled me!). But that is nothing compared to the overall picture of the entire weekend

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