Friday, March 10, 2006

Full House

Song Hye-Kyo and Rain

I have succumbed to the craze of Korean drama series...actually, only this particular one - Full House. Thanks to ah neng who endlessly introduce it to me over msn and even delievered the DVD to me at work!

Let's see, I finished the whole series which comprised of 4 DVDs (4 episodes each) in just 4 nights. I'm mad! Or either life in penang has been a bit more normal. Anyway, the lead actor Rain, who is also currently Asia's hottest artiste, is really charming - very good dancer and after viewing many of his videos / interviews etc, I thought he remains a modest person off stage.

Gosh...what has happened to me??? Haha...then again, I have always been a TV addict. Wondered how I actually 'survived' in KL when the days were without one? Oh yea...I read lesser these days *sigh*

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