Monday, December 31, 2007

The end of a chapter

Today, I handed in my Resignation Letter

Where next? ---> I'm officially looking for a job now, there are no plans yet. 2 months notice
Why resign without a job? ----> Ask me if you see me in person
What gave you such courage to do so? -----> God and the encouragement of others who truly have been with me throughout

I was really in dilemma and had no courage to take this step. It's something I will never imagine doing - resignation without a new job waiting. As some of you may understand, my decision will not only affect just myself but also my family.

But God, in His faithfulness have slowly send people to speak to me at the right time. One would be through Coolcat, who was up in the north over the weekend for her little holiday...whom I haven't met for 2 years. First thing she asked "So you are still in XXXX? When do you plan to leave?" and a series of conversations followed after that as I began to share a bit on what have been going through in my mind. Yesterday's sermon challenged us to find our "sweet spots" (uniqueness in skills, talents & just the way we are) and taking risks for God by unpacking our lives.

Last saturday morning, after some incidents at work on friday which triggered me to really think hard, I went to Esplanade in the morning. Looking into the sea and just crying to God in my silence of verbal words, I began to journal. Tears rolled down. I was really low and lost. God gave me JOB 28. He didn't give me a clear path of where I'll go but He told me of what I should do, more on the kind of heart I should have in times of trials

My Faith is small and courage very little but with the peace of a Big God, my life now solely depends on God for provision. Where He'll take me, I really don't know but I'm glad Lydia (Leow) is excited for me and believed so much that God have greater plans ahead for my life.

Pray with me ya friends...really means a lot at this point of time. So timely to end my 2007 with this decision *deep breath* :)


argentinadog said...

He made a way in teh manger, he'll make a way for you as well, little one. All the best in 2008!

enn@j said...

notice has been cust short, my last day is 31st Jan and I get my basic salary for Feb

I need a job soon...real soon

cc said...

Am praying for you, dearie. Today I met someone in church who tendered her resignation without a job in sight bcos she hated the nature of her work and endured it for two years.

And just in the nick of time after a month of break, God provided a job for her in a totally new area - a step nearer to what she ultimately wants.

Hang in there, He will come and save you.


enn@j said...

CC? Coolcat?

Thanks dearie :)

cc said...

Ya, the one and only Coolcat :D