Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mom Knows Best

I hardly talk about politics. Usually I listen more in this particular area. One can be amazed how much listening can gather information because I have always talked more than I listen in the early parts of my life.

I asked my mom this morning...
enn@j: So suan ku ai lai liau. Lu vote hor chu cui?" (So election is coming, who are you voting for?)
Mom: DAP lah
enn@j: Hamisu leh? (Why?)
Mom: Ta ta hang pun khee kea. Suan DAP, hor yang ki pia cheng hu (Prices keep increasing in everything. Vote DAP, let them go and fight the government)

My mom's education was only up till Primary 6.
I agree with the saying Mom knows Best

ps: I just found out a little piece of information, my aunty's malay driver is rewarded RM30 by BN just to go back to his kampung, Kedah, to vote.
Here's an interesting video from Kiawin's blog Check it out

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