Friday, June 06, 2008

My random thoughts...

I used to be not bothered about our government. Things have changed or should I say, I have changed? I believed its both. Now, I have my views.

I also heard a so-called popular 'christian pastor' Au Yang Wen Fong, who created a lil chaos in country when he first came back, spoke about his pro-homosexuality stands at a public event in KLCC two weeks back. I didn't understand 100% as he delivered his views in mandarin but it was enough to stir up mix emotions in me - anger, disappointment, sad, worried for the people in our country yet feeling helpless on how to go about this issue.

And finally, I will be away to Laos from next tuesday until sunday, under World Vision, travelling alongside Michael Wong (Guang Liang) and a few reporters from different media. I think the only thing I'll miss here is my hip hop classes on tuesday nights under a real cool jap instructor.

Back to Laos...I hope, above everything else, I will see Laos with my heart and I promised, I will journal and share a lil in my blogspace here. I pray, I will see beyond the poverty issues but glimpses of hope for them because of World Vision.

The places I'm going, I don't think you can even locate them in Lonely Planets or the big world I hope I will tell you about them and you'll place them in the maps of your hearts.

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bluesky said...

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