Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anwar delivers Sept 16!

"Bila kita kata on track, kita on track" says Anwar.

And I know this part was cut off for those who was watching live through the internet from home at 11pm plus.
"Kita sudah ada jumlah yang cukup untuk membentuk kerajaan baru. Petang tadi, saya bersama-sama dengan pemimpin parti yang lain sudah menulis dan menandatangani surat and menghantar surat kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi di Putrajaya untuk meminta satu perjumpaan segera untuk dua perkara:
pertama, untuk membebaskan tahanan-tahanan ISA yang termasuk Teresa Kok dan Raja Petra dan yang kedua, peralihan kuasa yang aman"

That's when the crowd cheered loudest and waved our given Malaysian flags!

Then this charismatic speaker went on to say, "I don't think RTM or TV3 will cover this, so I will say this in English for the sake of the foreign media." And he looks at some foreign journalists on his left.

"We have enough numbers to take over and form a new goverment. This afternoon, I and other parties' leaders have written, signed and presented the letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi at Putrajaya to seek for an immediate meeting for two things:
One, the release of ISA detainees which include Teresa Kok and Raja Petra and two, for a peaceful transition of power."

And the crowd of at least 20,000 went mad cheering loud!

"When we form the new government, the oil price will go down and ISA will be abolished within days!"

"Sept 16 will be declared a national holiday with the new goverment!"

Tomorrow, for the first time, I will fly the Malaysian flag driving to work! Yay! Kita sudah merdeka akhirnya!

*disclaimer: please note that the quotes are not written in exact word to word translation of what Anwar said but the core meaning of what he said, are all there. Sorry for the bad pictures, from my camera phone. I needed to show you readers proof I was there tonight and this is not a lie. I reported what I heard and saw.

Saya bangga untuk pertama kalinya, saya anak Malaysia!

Thank you Susan for the immediate sending of the picture from your cam! Yay :) Selamat Hari Malaysia!
Together I celebrated with yen nietoo!

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