Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life memang drama

I wan to men-story-kan u

I just came back.
With the wonderful company of my dear colleagues - SY, the other SY & TPL :)

Had quite a good laugh.
It started off in a rather low mood but picked up eventually. There were some good moments..although the picture selections should have been more 'asian' to add more local flavours. But overall, it's worth your time and cracked some real laughs.

I thought one of the cast, Tabitha Kong, did a good job...and so did Tria Aziz :)

Thank You to the kind friend of our kind boss for the kindly free tickets!

Go catch it!

Oh yea, and catch this too by Footstool Players. Good stuff.

I was late but had a seriously good laugh throughout = Yes, it's serious and yet I did laugh. Ironic? Then you have to watch it to understand :) Oh and a little promo for my friend, Aronil. Lookout for her!

And now...zzz, it's been a LONG day. Major spring clean at work *cough cough, sneeze*.
Selamat malamzzz.

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