Saturday, December 20, 2008

The smell of home = sweet!

Can you sense the excitement? Can you? CAN you???

Haha..I'm just so looking forward to spend my year end being home. Just the thought of being able to spend counting my last days of 2008 in my beautiful island drives me nuts (in a good way). Family, friends, books, dvds, beaches and FOOD...ahhhh, here I come!

I haven't stopped working for 3 straight weeks - everyday, almost every of my waking hours but I enjoyed the rush of adrenaline with all the busyness. Call me mad but well...I love almost every minute of it! How many people can truly say that about their work right? :) I LOVE MY JOB! Its crazy but its awesome, just much so that my vocab is too limited to decribe it.

I really Thank God how the year has turned out for me.

And recently, I stood on the Equator! Literally! I'm not kidding you. What better way to end the year than an unexpected discovery right?
Click here and here to read for yourself. Just a little quiz, do you know which city in the world is known as "The City on Equator"?

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