Saturday, January 03, 2009

An unfading beauty

I had the privilege to meet her today, Lee Sinje 李心潔.

She is one unfading beauty = a sweet face + huge eyes + a capturing smile + a kind heart + humility despite being an acclaimed artiste. She came on board to help World Vision Malaysia urging Malaysians to help 3,000 children to find sponsors in 3 months. A passionate speaker on our work, she is currently sponsoring 7 children and has personally been to Kenya and Mongolia to witness and understand the work of World Vision through Child Sponsorship.

When I listened to her share her thoughts and experiences, albeit in Mandarin, I knew she understood the essence of our work and how much compassion she had for the poor.

I urge you to find out more yourself, call 03-78806414 on how you can be a part of this enriching journey. Like I said before, I blogged a lot on World Vision not just because I'm a part of it but I truly believe in its work. If not, I wouldn't considered joining this organisation in the first place.

Tune in to MixFM, MYFM and Astro TV next week onwards! Make your 2009 count, not just for yourself :)

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