Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not such a quiet CNY after all :)

Tanglungs at Kek Lok Si Penang, taken on Chinese New Year Eve '09

I expected a quieter CNY this year but turns out, I was wrong. Everyday of my week was packed with family and friends time, back to back meeting ups. I wanted a week of rest but I think the week flew by too quickly without any rests, quite 'lau juak'! BUT it was a great week of spending time with family and friendsssss.

I'm just too tired to blog returning from yet another early drive back from penang, 7am. Pictures paint a thousand words. Usually, I keep my family hidden from the virtual world but this year, a little sneak peak to the people in my life.

We made a photography trip to the back of our house after dinner on cny eve, 5 mins away - the beautifully lit Kek Lok Si. And duh me, camera's bat went flat after a couple of shots!

So this is taken from my sis' brand new phone, from her own part-time salary. Papa & mua

Mummy & Papa

My family + my dad's elder brother whom he respects much. He was my english teacher.

Some of the siblings of my dad's.

Let's chiak!(and some of the men like to be shirtless at home)

How I will look like when older *winks*

Michelle & Daniel, niece & nephew

Can u spot the 'odd' one out? Haha mom, sis and my young cousins. Picture taken at Lembah Bujang Archeology Musuem in Kedah. I've always wanted to visit every year when we made cny visits to Kedah but I must say, its rather a disappointment.

What is my uncle, cousin and dad looking at? Find out from my facebook album later. Will upload pics there cos I really need to zzzzz for now. Happy Chinese New Year!

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