Monday, March 23, 2009

Small pep talk, invaluable lesson.

The weekend was simply great.
An almost complete team pic at Kuching airport

I learned about myself - an ugly side that took someone else to point out to me. I'm glad she did :) It was humbling but my heart smiles as I reflect upon it in the later hours. From now, I will be reminded of that little pep talk. Small and unexpected as it may seem but to me, it was a turning point. A reflection. An answer. A lesson learned.

Yet again, I praise my God for allowing me opportunities to improve my character. To see the world and people around me with 'new lenses'. A chance to live.

And I am also warmed by the simplicity and open arms of the people of Kuching. I am BLESSED. The skies are indeed blue-er there and it's beautiful.

Pic taken on the way back to KL, courtesy of "Little Red"

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Gsung said...

come again ya...:D