Sunday, May 10, 2009

Braving the extreme summers of India

enn@j will be away, for work. This pic was taken today while waiting for car wash - to illustrate how crazily HOT it is here!

I'm sure those living in the Klang Valley will agree with me how horrendous the weather has been. The heat is really up to a level like never before. *sweat* And off I will be to a country where summer is at its peak now! I call it EXTREME SUMMER - 40 degrees! I hope I won't melt and my stomach would be as strong as an iron!

See you when I get back peeps, touching down KLIA on May 15, 6.55am (Malaysian time). Prayers appreciated! ;)

"A piece of bread is important, and a cup of water is necessary. We want good health for the children, and we seek good nutrition for them all. It is meaningful to have a school to attend, and a place to play must be part of every child's life. A place to sleep and a family around the dinner table are essential. All these good things are desired for every child and indeed every person".
- Valdir Steuernagel, World Vision International Vice President of Christian Commitments.


Collin said...

make sure you don't bring more heat back home to KL very the hot dy...:-p

kakikopi said...

gayanya pose ;)