Tuesday, May 24, 2005

and i did this...that..this..

Saturday...red 104.9 deejays photoshoot session 1. They looked so good =) The studio soooo comfy. I love the captured moments...ahhhh, a sense of satisfaction getting the sponsors. Praise God for that crazy few days.

Saturday night was my first visit to MPO (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra). Wow! Wow!
*thanks jacksaid for the complimentary pass

I was lost in music in that almost 2 hours, felt like I was in a movie, except that there was no big screen. It's just my own visualisation with flashes of scenes throughout the whole evening. Can't help but kept thinking that each member of the orchestra is functioning as a Body Of Christ with God as the Maestro.

And i got casted for church's August Rally Drama! Wahaha..my supporting role as a rich tai-tai mahjong-kaki, whom i think, will be one of the 'most interesting' characters on stage, if not the most annoying! I'm definately gonna love this role. Hehe

After a gap of almost 2 years, yesterday i finally tasted the aroma of theatre once again! Ahhhh..brings me back to those days when i used to enjoy doing seemed-to-be silly stuff in theatre. Rehearsals commencing next week, every monday night....errr, which means I'll have to miss Rev Stephen Tong for 2 months. Haih...I can't have it all, can I?

After cleaning my little chamber and a basket of laundry done, I finally picked up the Precious Moments cross-stich i left untouched a year ago and spent the whole afternoon cross-stiching and to only realised, wah...why like no difference wan? So little done in hours?

And I finally finished Mere Christianity (CS Lewis), alongside with Let Me Be A Woman (E Elliot). Preparing for Word for CG this weds, with reference to a chapter in Mere Christianity.

And thanks Jea-9 and Alena for the wonderful chefs you gals were in the steamboat last night. My hands smelt prawny the whole night lah...thanks to cleaning all the 'sai'. Oh yes, baby caleb is soooo cute!

Wow! What a weekend, i actually did so much?!


ahphui said...

Yay to more music, theatre, reading, cross stitching, writing and appreciating all that's revolving ur journey. :) Glad u had a great time in mpo.

joygee said...

u got into the august rally!! woo hoo... go go enn@oj!! looking forward to seeing u perform in august... hehehe...

hey hey, i love going to mpo too(not that i've been there lar)... but i love musicals, orchestra, ... everything that has to do with music...

let's have an outing to mpo?! ;)