Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Beeeee Zeeeee

This aint the best time to blog because I'm actually in the midst of the buuuusssiessssst period of my life thus far. But well, i really needed to blog!!!!
I'm handling at the moment, 6 projects in hands! I looked at my calendar of events today and the planning i needed to do, there's only one conclusion - Goodbye Penang in July :( There goes my plans to go home and chill with my family and friends there...there goes my laksa, char koey teow, curry mee, beach etc etc etc
Frankly, i really don't know how I'm gonna survive through all these projects-events-work...and i want to audition for my church's August Rally Drama. Is there such a thing as a balance?
But in another side of things, I thank God for the exposure that I get through all these at a relatively young age in the industry. Honestly, i don't get paid much in my job, my bosses aren't really the understanding type, the management in red isnt the ideal kind you would like to be in and the work load, only increase-never decrease. In hokkien, you call it 'pau suah pau hai' (do everything)...but well, i love my job. More importantly, I just want to be where God place me and i believe for now, it's here - not to earn big bucks but to learn
If you ask me, I don't like fast pace life. Only the other night, my colleague introduced me as such to his friend:
'She very the ah-lian wan, she doesn't fag (smoke), doesn't club, doesn't drink, doesn't mencarut (swear & foul) and she doesn't have a boyfriend. Dunno what she's doing in this industry also lah. Look at her, she looks like a colleague student and the best thing, she very the lame wan and tell silly jokes"
Wow, what an introduction...haih. Yeah, i'm not exactly the 'ideal' person in the industry but well, who cares? I'm not meant for this world anyway.
80% goes to my work now with 20% for church and my personal time for friends and to read. So for those who kept asking me to get a bf, i can't afford one now! So stop asking cos i can't answer your question anyway, it's not in my hands. Prayers are appreciated though...hehe.
Do i miss my family? you bet

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