Friday, May 06, 2005

delivery to strangers

came back to office at 6pm today, out since 7.30am on Sorento road trip.
It's work but it brought a smile to those mothers who were surprised by us! A surprise delivery of flowers and cakes from red 104.9 to the winners' moms! And i went on air today on a national radio...hahahaha (i wonder hows the ratings now?!)
am brain is tired. Another road trip tomorrow for 5 more strangers of mothers and another event at night til 12am. But the delivery to strangers brought smile to myself as well =)
I miss mom...shall call her now. Hehe...she doesn't know of the surprise i've planned for her, gotta make my 'arrangement'.
My mom, although not educated but she is the most important person in my life after God. If only my mom could read you much! Muaks! Blessed Mother's Day! Be good mummy, hehe =)

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