Friday, June 03, 2005

A Character Analysis : Peik Joo

August Rally Drama
"A Little Less Conversation"
5th - 7th August
Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC)
Yesterday was my first rehearsal for church's August Rally Drama. We were given a homework to develop our characters. Mine was written to add flavor to the drama, a comic reliever. My first draft of "me",:

Name: Peik Joo aka Datin Joo
Age : 30s
Status : Married (to a rich husband 30 years older). Obviously i married for the $$$
Education : College, married right after that. Can speak english-lah but frequent usage of chinese dialects (hokkien / cantonese)
Hobby : Shopping, mahjong-ing, 'beauty' visits, collecting 'information' and broadcasting them

Personality :
Fashionable, sophisticated, knowledgable - that's what i thought of myself lah. But not realising that many don't think so or perhaps, i do realised but who says i need to agree with them? Money is never an issue ever since i married this 60 year old datuk who isnt home most of the time but you can say, he loves me pretty very much..i get what i want, although I'm sure my dear datuk has other 'engagements' too but I dun really bother much, it's for the money that i married him remember?
My family? Don't talk about them, I never saw my mother after she ran away when i was 5 years old and my father, he was more than half of the time - drunk and the other half when he wasn't drunk, he'll be losing money more than he won. So you can say, i was a rather independent child who grew up poor in monetary and love. I told myself when i grow up, I'm gonna marry a rich man who is able to give me a comfortable life. I regard my 3 good friends as family, whom i meet up regularly for mahjong sessions and to update each other's happenings. I cherish their friendships and would go all out if they are in need in any ways at all.
However, my childhood has thought me that most man are the same, "if man can be trusted, pigs can climb trees" (cantonese). So I don't believe in true love or marriage works in the realm of faithfulness but nevertheless, i wish the best for my friends.
However, many can't really stand me as I tend to be very straightforward with what i say...insensitive, some may say but hey, I say what I think should be said mah. Only my 3 good friends knew me well as they understand I don't mean any harm and yup, I don't hold grudges.
Beloved friends and readers, do drop in any of those 3 nights if your schedule permits you to do so lah =)

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kakikopi said...

what? what a name for such a character. peik joo sounds so hiong-ha and domesticated. enjoy the practices ;)