Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Was back in Penang last weekend for Cheer 2005 North (me not cheerleading yea, me go cos of work) and received a letter at home from an Agensi Pemungut Hutang based in Perak that says i owed CELCOM $$$ for an outstanding bill due to an account of a 019 number! And if I don't pay up, they'll take legal actions!
Walau! I've never used CELCOM in my life thus far (and after this experience, I will not even think of subscribing to them!)
Came back to KL and took time off from work, went to CELCOM yesterday to settle this fraud case (cos the agensi people are so unhelpful and selamba when I called them up and no one picks up CELCOM's headquarters number!)

Here's the test of my patience:
1. Reached CELCOM, showed them the letter, told very cooly to just go to police station and come back with the report. "Oh, you just go to a police station, lodge a report and come back with the report lah" (why did this gave me an impression they must have had this kind of cases so often that they took it so lightly?)
2. Went to police station, lodge a report, took me about 40 minutes
3. Went back to CELCOM, took number and when it's finally my turn (i dozed off while waiting) and guess what? They checked and found out I have another account! A 013 account! So now, they need another police report for the 013 number!
4. I had to go back to the police station to lodge another report, which the police just added the extra information by hand. Took me another 40 minutes. Ah-hah, another gal was there to lodge a report against CELCOM for the same kind of case! And I managed to just digged a little more info from the police..apparently, CELCOM, when compared to other telecommunication companies in the country, has the most frequent fraud cases due to the carelessness or 'tidak apa' attitude of its staff in registration!
Well...with that 'new' report, I have to make another trip to CELCOM to submit to them, pay another RM 2 just for parking with my birth cert! No birth cert, can't settle the case. My birthcert's in Penang! My name have been blacklisted for all CELCOM purposes and if I don't clear this, it may affect my future registration with any telecommunications companies. Oh yes, did I mentioned that they cant track my so-called account because it was 4 years ago! It was in 2001, registered in Taiping!
So people out there, I leave you to decide whether it's worth the price to pay for CELCOM. If you ask me, I'm paying th price of going though the hassle for a crime committed by someone else!

p/s : please cross your IC next time when you photocopy them, for specific purposes only


kiawin said...

biasa dah...

fy said...


Think the procedure is the same for all kind of fraud .. but the real PROBLEM is in the way they (the so called 'service based' company/the police) treat people.

That is the thing people need to realise and usually they don't until they hit the problem themselves ! Then they are going to make hell a lot of noise.

Hopefully/prayerfully, as the nation develope culturally and peoples' communication skills improve, we will all be better people :)

antiterrorist said...

they need auditors to audit their work processes :D

the inefficiency and the lackadaisical attitude really left much to be "desired".

until they have taken effort to rectify the prob, we just have to take precaution to avoid such thing from happening to us.

anyway, how can we push them to take the effort? highlighting to the press? hmm....

enn@j said...


Told my journalist friend from The Star to read my blog. She got the green light to proceed with this story, will be interviewing me over the phone this afternoon.

Don't know what holds for me...
*bitting my fingers*