Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A gratitude to you

Oh how sweet it is when I looked back in life and couldn't help but thank God for the friends He has placed in different phases to help me through life's journey, for the differences and similarities of experiences this far, for knowing there are people alongside me in this journey on earth...
Here, a tribute to my friends, for making a diiference in my life and for allowing me to share mine with you :
(the list is endless but these are the few people whom I really want to express gratitude to, NOT in order of importance ya)
1. Yam Phui Yee - my junior, my good friend, my sister-in-Christ
2. Lau Sian Lerk - my bla-duh, my good friend, my brother-in-Christ
3. Giden Lim - my ex-bf, my good friend, my 'fighting' partner, my brother-in-Christ
4. Steven Sim - my critique and encourager in Faith, my brother-in-Christ
5. Melody Wan - my ex-housemate who loved me much, my sister-in-Christ
6. Low Choon Yen - my most lame and blur good friend, my chaffeur in Penang
7. Gan Yee Haw - my future doctor for my future dog, my good friend
8. Wong Phei Chen - my childhood friend whom I grew up with, my 'family' when I had tough growing up years
Just feel like listing down as many categories of friends as I can think of now (apologies if ter-missed out ya):
The MGSians
The MBSians
The AIGCians
The RGBCians
The PFS Scouts
The Chung Ling Scouts
The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM (Hovid Lab), esp Prof Yuen
The colleagues in MPH Gurney Plaza
The 10B-1 ians
The 2010 ians
The IKians
The FGAians
The theatre-ians
The coursemates in mass comm
The DUMCians, esp cg-ians
The UMers
The colleagues in View Hunter
The colleagues in Star Rfm
My ex & present housemates
The friends of friends
The friends of friends of friends
Oh gosh...i realised this is rather impossible to actually list down :) ahahahaha
So thank you, thank you all who happened to know me, you have definately made a difference in my life, big or has helped groomed me to who I am today
Above all, thank you Jesus for the biggest difference you've done in me


Anonymous said...

IT's great to see one's name appearing somewhere but not put up by oneself. Feel like a famous guy. Thanks for the friendship too. and the FHM tickets... ;) But i cannot be bribed so easily, will still be the angry, grumpy and stern chap you always knew.

God bless you in your walk my friend.


enn@j said...

oh mannnnn...FHM tickets, one of the hottest party of the year still can't bribe you? I've gotta find other means of bribery ;)

Anyway, I'm glad for you

God bless you too in your journey