Monday, August 22, 2005

Brief one

Realised it's been a week since last posting
Still hunting for a job, sent out 3 more resumes today upon friends' recommendations

Finished reading Tuesdays With Morrie, certain parts did bring me to a little tears. It's a pity Morrie was gone without knowing the One True God and yet learnt more lessons in life than most people.
Finally decided to pick up The Da Vincci Code
Met up with a friend from singapore who originated from Penang...never met someone so darn lame before but yeah, laughter's always good =) Lame but smart

Lots of reading up to be done, not just books. A journey beyond questioning....but finding out.
It's just a week away from September and I still haven't secure any jobs...but am not as worried as I should be. Perhaps Im taking things too easy? There are bills to pay...I can't afford not to worry anymore
Btw, I recommend Passion Cafe at Damansara Perdana...opened by 2 christians, one of which is a friend of mine. Nice, cozy place with good food. Do check it out =)

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lotsachi said...

only little tears? whoaaa...i think i cried a bucket leh! :P