Monday, August 29, 2005

Da Vinci Code

Ok, I finished Da Vinci Code
To begin with, I must say I was kinda hooked to the book....not because it was super great but the plot is boleh tahan lah and Im very much curious to finish the book in order to see how the author actually tied the truths-half truths-non truths together and of course, the ending itself.
I must say, I'm rather disappointed with the ending...after all the 'adventures' and 'discoveries', it ended on such a low note. I was like "Chehhhhhh, like that only ah? Some more claim this and that and the ending is just like that, walauuuuu eh...this kind of ending, say like never say anything". In fact, certain parts are quite predictable. The only character that's interesting is Sir Leigh Teabing, I could imagine him as i read along...
I must say, I did learn some stuff from the book and am interested to find out how true they are 'cos Dan Brown made them sounded so real. He is rather good in manipulating the truths. First, he attacks the accuracy of the bible, then on the divinity of Jesus and then on how Constantine wrote the Christian history himself by his political agenda and went on to potray the Church today as corrupt.
What is Dan Brown? (noticed it's what and not who). Is he the current Priory of Sion's Grand Master? Hehehe...and involved in the sexual ritual?
There are some opinions that Christian shouldn't read DVC due to ear that some may get confused, which I don't agree. Why not read with an open mind if you do have the time to spare? It's interesting to learn certain things from it and it gives the reader (at least for me) the curiosity to want to find out even more on how credible these claims are. And then to truly learn up my Christianity in a more in depth manner. I know this book showed me I have homework to be done so that at least I can stand on my ground more solidly...the problem with me when it comes to research, I'm just pure lazy.
But for non-christians, yes...I believe this book with definately give a twisted impression on Christianity.
I wish I could read my bible as fast as I read DVC...indeed, I must conclude that this book attacks the doctrine of Christianity. And oh yea, I believe Da Vinci is not a straight guy anyway...if Im not wrong, the book hinted very strongly on this fact. He maybe a genius but all are rubbish without Christ
Let's see how the movie does next year, Im looking forward for the architectures and 'sight-seeing' Paris =)


kiawin said...

obviously, there's nothing wrong for christian to read it. the only problem is when it comes to research, some are just pure lazy.

i wonder...

Anonymous said...

Pure pure lazy...sigh...i cry at the sight of christians who have so much energy to jump and shout but no strength to spare for study


Mavik said...

Looks like I have to lend you my copy of "Breaking the Da Vinci Code" soon hehe :P

The Hedonese said...

Hi Joanne,

SIB is organising a forum on Da Vinci code on November 11. Hope to see you there...

I wrote something on this topic here:

enn@j said...

hi hedonese,

yea heard from jacksaid bout the forum. I'd loved to join but I just moved back to Penang for good.

Thanks =)