Friday, September 16, 2005

A NICE delay

About 2 weeks ago, took a bus back to Penang for interviews. Bought a ticket for Plusliner as I always did due to the fact I dislike going to Pudu. Plusliner is more punctual and I can wait at KTM, a better condition compared to Pudu. The fact that there are 4 seater in a row doesnt bother me, the fact that it's a little more cram then the buses in Pudu didnt bother me...

It was 5.30pm and the passengers boarding this particular bus were told the bus is going to be half an hour late. The ticketer took out tickets and scribbled something on it, I supposed it's the change of time and perhaps seats numbers. An aunty began to complain and the ticketer answered her sarcasticly. I didnt really felt agitated at all, I mean it's common lah....until I took a good look at my ticket, I read those scribbles and it was written there - NICE

True enough, that evening...I boarded NICE home, the ticket cost double the price of Plusliner and i was given dinner and watched TV. Did I deserved it? Nop, I didn't. I was given more than what I paid for. Although I had to wait for a half an hour delay, it was worth waiting for
Would the aunty complained had she knew about the 'upgrade'?

Would the passengers of NICE complained when they found out we board the same bus and enjoyed the same services but paid a much lower price?
Waiting has its virtues. A friend told me "Perhaps God is trying to tell me if Im willing to wait in life, better things await" (thanks Pek)
But I learnt in simple manners that evening, what Grace means. I didnt deserve it but it was a NICE delay


kiawin said...

wah... NICE oh :)

Mavik said...

Wah so nice leh, like that also can hehehe :P

lotsachi said...

eh, bukan sebarangan punya 'NICE' leh ;P lucky u.