Monday, November 14, 2005

What a news?!

I'm shocked by this piece of news! And for the news to get on the main paper on a 3rd page! A guy who became a gal and got married to a guy in a RM 1 million wedding!

First of all, is the marriage even legal in our country? First of its kind here!
Secondly, this event is solemnised by a church! Supported by 3 pastors? How can this be?

What has become of Christians nowadays? and churches?


Steve said...

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lotsachi said...

yay! way to go to transgendererism and transsexualism! ;)

you may wanna ask - what constitutes marriage? in terms of physical, emotional, psychological aspects :)

enn@j said...

hey chi,

Apologies my answer to you were kinda general and brief earlier.

Anyway, why don't you take a look here first? and I'll get back to you :)