Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Its the title of a play I'll be involved in as part of the cast. I supposed It's quite a challenging way to kick off 2006

Honestly, its rather freaking me out that we only have 3 weeks!!! I've never done any performance in such a short period of time and suddenly I felt that I'm running out of time. Got my script yesterday and both roles aren't easy to play, rather challenging for me, even to memorize the scripts itself takes me to almost midnights

Here, a brief intro by The Actors Studio (cut and paste from a promotional e-mail). Come support our local theatre...and me!!!

Which scenes I'm acting in? Three In The Morning and Love Sonnet


  • Comrade Kenny

  • Comrade, Thank You!

    This production involves six fifteen minute plays written by Allan Miller,
    David Link, Daniel Gregory Brown, Terry Kingsley-Smith, Michael Leeson, and
    Jerry Mayer that has been adapted to the Malaysian lifestyle.

    The stories are Faro Rides Again, Sleeping Together, The Underachiever, Three in
    the Morning, I Want To Hold Your Hand and Love Sonnet. Each play has the element
    of drama, tragedy, and comedy.

    A new line-up of actors stars in this production - Joanne Tay, Johanna,
    Fidel Ho, Yusoff Bakar, Shah Zainal, and Emonto Katszuki.

    Tickets : RM 15 (Adults) & RM 10 (Student)
    * Get 1 ticket FREE For every 4 tickets purchased
    Date : 21st January @ 8.30pm & 22nd January @ 3.00pm, 8.30pm
    Venue: The Actors Studio Greenhall, Penang

    1. Faro Rides Again
    At 1 am, a husband has just come home to bed. To keep his bossy wife from
    inquiring about where he’s been, he tells her that their dog, Faro, is dead. However, the wife finds out later that Faro is still very much alive!

    2. Sleeping Together
    At 2 am, two young women in the same room, strangers to each other, discuss
    and provoke a taboo subject – their sexual preferences.

    3. Three In The Morning
    At 3 am, a middle-aged lady leaves her husband alone in bed. However, while
    trying to re-examine everything about her life, she finds that she can't
    remember anything. Not even her husband’s name.

    4. The Underachiever
    At 4 am, a journeyman comedy writer with low self-esteem gets consultation from
    his often sarcastic wife, about life and believing in himself.

    5. I Want To Hold Your Hand
    At 5 am, a young lady is experiencing a sickness, which she calls
    'dinosaur hour', in a red-eye flight. She holds on to an older lady's hand
    in an attempt to regain composure.

    6. Love Sonnet
    At 6 am, a Chinese mother, while writing a poem for her son’s 30th birthday, reminisces over the sweetest moment she shared with her Malay husband 30 years
    ago - the last time they had sex.


    kakikopi said...

    wa lau eh! too bad i'm not in penang. all the best, have fun =)

    enn@j said...


    better not come lah this time round cos Im really unprepared! Cant seem to get into character, no 'soul' in my acting...sigh

    Comrade Kenny said...

    Gack! I hope it wasn't you who wrote these synopsises.

    enn@j said...


    nop, it wasnt me and yes, its poorly written :( but thanks so muchie for your offer to re-write it!

    Awaiting a masterpiece from the writer who copies in Ogilvy?! Hehe

    coolcat said...

    Hey, just saw this. This is sooo exciting! Which role will u be playing?? :D

    Comrade Kenny said...

    Gosh! Who wrote this beautiful synopsis? Teehee.

    jea-9 said...

    hey gal. this is so so exciting. I'm sure you'll do good. Just relax k. and you know we'd definitely support you if we can rite! ;)
    all the best lady!
    and gosh...your hair is so long dy!!!