Monday, January 09, 2006

My first visit to cell

I'm now attending Georgetown Baptist Church Penang. Here are some pictures of my first visit to cell last Friday, which was also a surprise birthday party for the bubbly cell leader.Its wonderful getting to know new people (another new group of friends!).

However, since it took some of us who lived on the other side of the island more than half an hour to get to cell due to the crazy jams in Penang, especially on Friday evenings, there will be a new group starting soon in town. There I will be...
(I really think the jams are worse in Penang compared to KL!)

Its a year of jubilee for GBC this year, 50th Anniversary. I am excited to be part of this and hope my journey of Faith continues to take on a new learn to love God more and to find that 'Joy' which Paul talks about, a deep sense of feeling and understanding of the eternal kingdom despite of circumstances around. Also, to be able to engage more wisely with my non-christian friends and strangers, to be more concern and informed of what's going on in the I realised how little time I have in a day!

The girls

The guys

The girls + guys = Everyone


w said...

Complimenti enn j per il post riguardante My first visit to cell . Volevo sapere se puoi dare uno sguardo al mio sito che parla di scommesse calcio e dirmi come ti sembra. Se ti interessa l'argomento scommesse calcio non puoi trovare di meglio!

Comrade Kenny said...

Whoa! There are like a jillion people in your cell!

Glad you found others you can call family back in Penang. I mean, other than your blood family.

kiawin said...


anyway... your topic gives the impression of the first visit to (jail) cell ;)

keep it up... it's cool being a baptist ;)

The Hedonese said...

Keep blogging for the glory of God, Joanne! :) Thanks for linking us up

coolcat aka anne-anne said...

Heys! Soooo nice to see your cute face again. Online oso never mind lar :D

enn@j said...


u r still as lame as ever!

Thanks for dropping by :)


Hey! It's u!!!! I've link you up as well :) Nice Blog u have! I miss you ppl lar...send my regards to the 'mahjong kakis' ya

coolcat said...

Missed ya 2! And linked u already :D So cool to get your updates over yr blog.

kakikopi said...

wah your math is impressive:
girls + guys = everyone

lame la you. hahhahaha.