Monday, March 20, 2006

My mom accepted Christ!

My mom accepted Christ yesterday after church service!!! Praise the Lord indeed.

Mom has expressed interest in attending church since I moved back here about 6 months ago and she attended a different church from me as she followed my aunty's family. That church was the one next to her home when she was growing up, the church which both my grandparents' funeral were held. I guess it brought sentimental values to her. But as time passes by, she became irregular as she has to rely transport on my aunty's family.

One day, I looked at my church handout and realised the time for Chinese service is the same time with English 2nd service. I invited her to join me as it is more convenient for her to follow me. She agreed and went last sunday, she enjoyed the service because she could sing more songs and said that the speaker was good. (At first she commented, "Wah 2 hours service, so long. Why my church last time only 1 hour? 2 hours, dunno can fall asleep or not?").

Well...she didn't fall asleep and yesterday, she accepted the Lord. My pastor, not knowing that she was my mom, appraoched her after service and merely started talking with her. He then invited her if she would like to pray and ask God to be the Lord of her life. She responded. My tears flowed as she repeated the prayer after my pastor...tears that I couldn't contain.

Thank you for those who have been upholding my family in prayers. Now, please continue to pray for my father and sister and also, for my mom's Faith to grow. He is a hard nut to break.

I just want to encourage those out there...have Faith, not great Faith but faith in a Great God :) I can testify to you that many a times, my Faith is rather small. Like sian lerk says, coming back to penang is not in vain. I cannot bring career or anything else to the eternal world but souls, especially of loved ones. No matter how much my heart does miss KL at times, I must remember why I'm back in Penang at this moment in time.


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praise the Lord! praise the Lord!

your decision to be back in penang has yielded its fruit :)

jacksons said...

God be praised. We rejoice with you.

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I hope I live to see the same day

Ariel said...

Wow!!! This is wonderful news! PTL!!!