Tuesday, March 28, 2006

SAND : "Saved for A New Destiny"

When I returned to Penang, to be honest, my heart was rather heavy in one area - Performing / Creative Arts.

Who doesn't know that KL is the hub, especially with the opening of KLPac. I had to miss an audition days after I returned when KLPac called me up. And few weeks ago, when a friend sent me an audition form for another upcoming musical by Joe Hasham, I knew I had to miss yet another opportunity again. I did not expect that my heart would actually feel 'down' of such missed opportunities but yes, it did.

I'm not a very good performer, just average. Not being modest here. But I seem to enjoy the stage very much and hope to push this little talent I have further, to work with a good director who can nurture and push me beyond what I think I can do.

However... yet again, I must testify another prayer have been answered in His time. Last saturday, I was approached to think about joining SAND as a dancer.
Here :
  • SAND
  • .
    The person in charge turned out to be my cell leader / youth pastor's wife. Who would have thought of such opportunity to arise in Penang? Praise God yet again!

    But there are matters of the heart to be sorted out before I make my decision, to set my heart and focus right if i truly want to take this seriously. The 'temptations' of Pride and Self-focus are big distractions on stage


    Yoki said...

    Go for it.. It is an opportunity since you are talented in it.. Opportunity doenst always come... grab it when u hav the chance..

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