Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I hardly talk about the deepest things in my heart / my struggles / joy these days. I realised I have kept things more to myself since I got back and even more after a recent great disappointment from a once, close friend.

I'm more open with friends over msn who have known me since uni days, friends whom I can be really open, comfortable and crazy with.

I realised happy news are shared via sms to my friends in KL...sad-er news are shared with only one who is really close via phone cos she is in KL too.

I wonder why?

(1) cos I haven't found a close friend in penang yet
(2) cos I'm still healing from the hurts that disappointed me greatly
(3) cos I'm 'changing'?
(4) cos I don't feel like talking about things as much as I did and control my emotions better?

So I guess people who have just known me may find me a different person from people who have known me from before this. But for people who have known me from before, I hardly change a bit to them cos I suppose I'm back to the 'me' they knew when I'm with them.

This 'me' that I am now, is it the same 'me' I once was? And will this 'me' be the 'me' I will become?
The past, present and future 'me', they are still 'me', are they not?

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