Monday, May 08, 2006

The Gospel Of Judas

Came across the cover title in National Geographic magazine's latest issue and couldn't resist but bought it. Another so-called Lost Gospel which didnt't make it to the bible but claimed on giving humanity a twist in history

Read for yourself the translated text of The Gospel Of Judas, categorized as a Gnostic Gospel, which was orginally written in Coptic
  • The Gospel Of Judas

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    After reading the text itself, I find the Gospel of Judas to be of no historical evidence whatsoever, the writings are so superstitious, without solid grounds and the Jesus here seemed to laugh a lot. The most irritating thing is that, there are so many lines missing!!! It actually irritates me at certain points to read an incomplete 'authentic' text!

    If any sane christian finds this to be true, please explain what it means to me.

    If this is true and some believe it should be in the bible, please explain how to put an 'authentic' but missing text content into a bible? So people are supposed to assume what its trying to say? To read something that's not there?

    The bible is believed to be God breathed, so it's God inspired, God's Word...and let's assume this gospel is true and to be part of the bible, so God is asking us to fill in the blanks? So God speaks in missing sentences? Helloooooo?????

    So what if it's proven to be authentic? That just proves that it was written at that timeline by someone but it doesnt prove the accounts to be true because no other documents / eye witness / historical events supported it. It was not even proven it was written by Judas Iscariot himself! Ohhhh people, please think lah...

    But it does prove one thing, that the betrayal of Jesus did took place.


    Karmablogger said...

    Hi… i saw the program on national geographic regarding the gospel of judas... u may want to read my post in

    That Jesus was betrayed is true... but wot is it to be examined is the workings behind the main purpose... for a great hero we need a great villian...

    Before the gospel even came to light Guru Paramahansa Yoganandaji has written about Judas… if you believe in reincarnation and karmic salvation then wot Paramhansaji says is absolutely true...

    Youll find the blog within the Christianity section

    enn@j said...

    Dear Karmablogger,

    I read your post on the similarities between Christ and Krishna. However, like you mentioned "with little historical evidence", these similarities cannot be taken as a fact unless proven to be true. So I can only conclude that they are merely assumptions thus far.

    "For a great hero we need a great villian" is not neccessarily true for Mother Teressa is a great heroin (in this case) without having to have any villians or hidden agendas

    I have been told that I looked, talked and walked similar to a certain person my friends know from elsewhere, but that does not make me the same person with the other right? Unless of course, our DNA and finger prints are proven to be exactly the same :)

    On your guru's writings, first of all, its written on the belief basis of re-incarnation and karmic salvation, which I do not share nor believe. Therefore, what you find true in the writings, I do not find so but thanks for sharing

    More readings here

    When a truth shares similarities, then only one must be the ULTIMATE TRUTH because there cannot be 2 truths as there will be accounts that contradicts in certain areas. So here's when, IMHO, one has to decide which is the TRUTH not based on assumptions or make-beliefs but on historical records / evidence, other established documents, eyewitness accounts and the test of time

    kiawin said...

    Dear Karmablogger,

    your hero-villian-quote sounded like the one quoted in superman ;)

    anyway, I do encourage you to read more and do more research on your field of interest. I believe it will help you seeing this issue clearer.

    Anonymous said...

    A jesus who laugh a lot is not the "real" jesus? I tot the bible mentiond a jolly young man who loved to feast and joke (pick the log in your eyes before picking the splint in your fren's; can a camel go tru the eye of a needle? etc)?

    and in case you didn't know, books like mark has ending chapter which is entirely missing in older texts. Variants are found in many places all over the OT and NT and scholars have to make intelligent guesses over which is the right word to fill the blanks.

    Karmablogger, did you leave your brain with previous reincarnation? You are talking nonsense. Shame on you. Aum Tat Sat.

    The Hedonese said...

    the 'gospel' of judas was written a few generations after the time of Jesus so in terms of historical value, it pales in comparison with the canonical gospels :)

    Dave said...

    Wrote a bahasa version on Injil Yudas: