Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The week that was...

Work was...
Crisis pouring in each day, stress level piling up and pressure attacking in many directions. Not sure if I would be able to lived up to the expectations. Made me took some breather over the weekend to re-think if I seriously wanted to continue being in media

Was being backstabbed by a colleague, who accidentally skyped me the message she wanted to skype someone else about me. She apologized after that but this incident has made me believe in the statement "I don't believe there are no politics at work"

On a brigther note, 4 of us who are christians decided to come together and have a short time of worship and prayers every morning to start off our day at work.

Church was...
Being approached to serve in Youth Ministry, an area I've never dealt with before. In addition to that, to lead a youth cell group. I need time to consider. Joined SAND as a dancer. Children? I'm cool with them, youth? I'm not too sure.

Was asked to write our Life Purpose Statement at cell. I have yet to come up with mine

Life was...
Went to a wedding at Shangri La on Sunday, my classmate both brothers' wedding. Haven't seen her for 8 years since she left for Canada, I must say she is still the same :) Good time catching up with some school friends, 8 of us on a table for 10, ate til super full! Well, one of her brothers married a Korean girl, her skin is flawless!

Went for an Altered Frequency concert for a youth service kick-off. Met a few familiar faces :) Felt convicted to choreo the dance for my church's 50th anniversay, which I have been putting off for some time. Danced in my room til about 2am in the morning. Siau

Met up with an ex ex ex colleague from KL which I havent seen for 2 years since she left for Australia. I still remember telling her with so much gungho-ness "Ok, I will save up and visit you in Sydney before you come back after 2 years". Haven't been, still no $$$. However, its amazing how God has began to bring friends I have lost touch with back into my life, here in Penang. She'll settle down in Penang when she comes back for good 3 months later

Met up with Steven Sim yesterday and we realised, many christians find it tough to survive in the secular / corporate world. Mostly, it's either they struggle to find a balance or they excel at work and lost their spiritual commitments.

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