Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Of remembering and sleeping

Was awaken by a 'toilet call' at 6am this morning. I was half asleep then but the most frustrating thing is I couldn't sleep after that! Not because of anything else but simply someone just came into my mind at that very minute!

Gosh...with a half asleep mind, when the sky was still dark and surrounded by stillness, my thoughts came alive! Too alive that it becomes so frustrating! Then, i remembered one of my cell members shared that at times, you'll just be awaken in the middle of the night by the thoughts of someone...perhaps, God wants you to pray for that person? Which well, I did lying down on my bed, trying to sleep at the same time *sigh*

Have you ever find it so hard to forget about someone in your life? You try and try and try and it just wouldn't go or it goes so slowly! But you know there's no point remembering the person because you have been forgotten and not 'welcomed', to the point that the thoughts of you even annoyed the person. So annoyed that your calls were not answered, your sms were not replied and your are not authorized on the chat list. So what's the point of keeping the person in your heart right? The remembrance often times bring some hurtful memories, they don't hurt as much now but once in a while, I still ask myself "What did I do that was so terribly wrong?" *sigh*

Arrrggghhhh....Oh Lord, help me! I just wanna sleeeeeeeep!

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