Friday, June 09, 2006

Greetings from DELL!

Footprints In The Sand is still ALIVE!

I'm writing from dell after a month of absence...well, every quarter people in my department shift their sitting positions but this time round, I'm static at where I was alocated when I first joined. And so, I'm blogging as the rest are busy cleaning and sneezing at the amount of dust, plucking out and in the cables, carrying their monitors / notebooks and basically just busy with their new 'spaces'. This entry is especially for those who have been visiting this blog and were only visited by siiiillllleeenceeeeeee *blek*

Life's been pretty much OK since I took a turn on the route to Dell. It's stressful to be in Sales Department - quotas to meet, areas to really look into as I have a report card for performance, talking to different categories of consumers over the phone and trying to make them buy and buy even more so that my revenue and margin will go up. Things I've definately learnt : PATIENCE and TURNING A NEGATIVITY into POSITIVITY.. I must say, to a certain extend, it's a good stress :)

DELL, I must say, is a fun place to be at - you dress whatever you like to work, food's good in the cafeteria (not to mention we are given subsidy each month), nice environment with trainings provided all year through, pretty friendly people around and there's always some makan here and there, celebration of this and that. We even have those floating balloons at our departments during one occasion with candies given. Haha

Seriously, I've learnt more in DELL in my 1 month here compared to my almost 7 months in my previous company. But still, no matter where...I will be needing God's favour, wisdom and guidance. In DELL, even more

Prayers appreciated :)

P/S : Please mail me at for personal mails / wanna purchase computers! This is due to I can't get access into my hotmail / yahoo personal mailbox at work


Anonymous said...

Hi Yen,

Phei Chen here. Happy to know that you cope very well with your job & you seems to enjoy it a lot.

Jessylimsokeyee said...


finally I found your blog. *phew*
just "jatuh" by to say HI!
take care ya!

Michelle said...

Hi Joanne, so great to "read" such optimistic view in your blog. Do write me yeah.