Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Who would it be for you?

Who will you be MORE disappointed with?

1. The person who have some tensions with you and therefore, said things about you to your close friend and caused frictions, misconceptions and distance?


2. The close friend who believed those that was said of you and therefore, stop communicating with you?


Anonymous said...

option 2

Wan Yean said...

wah.... very the chim.. well, why bother thinking of which one is for me to be "more disappointed at", or which one of them "disappoints me to a greater extend compared to the other", just know the fact that both these people frustrates me, and then... what, smack them in their heads? no that wont be possible, so just move on! =) life's much simpler that way.

Anonymous said...

Write something more substantial. Why cause so much frus in your life with both of these people? I agree with wan yean.. move on.

Comrade Kenny said...

The number 2 person. I'd expect a friend to at least talk to me first before making his final decision about staying friends with me.

But in reality, I couldn't really care less. :)