Monday, July 17, 2006

Lost Contact Numbers!

Dear Beloved Friends,

I changed phone over the weekend and traded my old one. The funny that happened is all my SIM contacts are gone! Hilang! Whooosh! So for those I have contacted for numbers, thanks and for those i haven't, please mail ( sms me your contact numbers...*sniff sniff*.

Here are some of the people I'm desperately searching for:
1. Kenny
2. Alena
3. Jason
4. Jeanine
5. Jon
6. Kevin & Jolene
7. Joyce & Fei Yau
8. Huey Yang
9. Joy
10. Jessey (my ex neighbour)
11. Esther (my ex neighbour)

1. Joshua woo

1. Philip
2. Kay Li
3. Wai Yin
4. Liana
5. Chin Hui

1. Sian lerk, please mail me your whole contact list

1. Lydia, thanks for your mail!

will ask when i see u people


Sze Zeng said...


ok, here's my contact

kakikopi said...

wah. you're online again. no prob.

kiawin said...

oh oh..... i terlupa bout contact list. u still need it?

enn@j said...

YES sian lerk!

philip said...

Hi Joanne,

Just drop by to say hello :)