Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's in the way you say it

A: "Hello? What you want?"
B: "Good morning,how can I help you?"

This is just a very simple example of a greeting. Which would you prefer? Which would sound more pleasant? Which has the better power of persuasion if the conversation is allowed further?

Something I learn hard in DELL's in the way you say it. Imagine there are so many of us, given the same products to sell, same equipment, same knowledge, same system to use BUT why do some excel better than others?

This is when the power of persuasion comes in. How do one sell without actually being view as 'selling'? I observed that it has a lot to do with really relating to the customer, listening to their needs first, emphathize with them, using the right choice of words and tone, having loads of patience and yet sound interested. ALWAYS turn their negativity or OBJECTIONS into possitivity and SOLUTIONS.

This applies a lot too in life, no matter in what we do. It's very much in the way we say it that will determine the result or change we wish to see. Two people can be given the same sentence but whose message would get across more powerfully? The one who says it with his/her heart, who believes in the message, who deliver it with own personality.

Do you believe what you say when you say it? Do you mean it when you say it? Others listen when you do.

Do have enough knowledge to overcome objections? Do you have enough patience to turn a negative thought into a positive mark and yet able to hold your poise?

It's just in the way you say it...very much apply when sharing the gospel as well.

How many times do you turn away and changed your mind on a product because the service was terrible? Given an apple to apple comparison, which would you choose? For me, of course the one with good service


Thomas said...

some good advice on sales there, Joanne!

wassup? it's Thomas...yah one of ur "silent" readers. must confess i havent visited in a while.

glad u're enjoying ur time at Dell!

ps. and i saw PeiChen dropped you a line eh? awesome!

enn@j said...

vzzdaxhello dude!

Hahaha...I haven't been visiting blogs for a long time too ;p

yea, it's the phei chen you knew :)