Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A tribute to life

Just a note to inform dear friends out there that this blog may seem dead but the writer is not ;) I have no access to blogger at work and that's probably the only place i can blog as I don't own a computer at home. Ironic aint it? For someone who works in DELL.

Much have happened since my last entry, so much that words themselves are not enough to pen my thoughts, feelings and deepest emotions. But I just want to testify that all have been good, not because life is a bed of roses but because God has been graciously faithful.

One great news to share : My mom's baptismal is this sunday!
(when the future is uncertain as i journey my walk in Penang, the fruits in my mom's salvation and now, baptismal, has kept me going. And all in less than a year).

As i grow older, I realised that life's worth living for in so many ways, not just for yourself but for the people around you. I have been thru glimpses of sorrow, pain, loss, joy, is still beautiful.

p/s: I'm blogging from KL :) on leave 12-15th sept to visit beloved friends whom I truly cherish because I realised how short lived life can be. So friends out there, it's great to see you guys again after almost a year! Friends whom I fail to meet up this time, will make a date next time ya :) No matter which stage of life you are encountering, remember to live it well. My life would be meaningless had God not place each of you in my life!

A tribute to all my friends who made life worth living, therefore a tribute to life which open the opportunities to friendships and most of all, a tribute to God who create friends and gave us a second chance in living.

I have many regrets in life when i looked back at my younger days' actions and some, have caused me the loss of loved ones. But it is now that I must live for and its the future that I must focus on.


Pen said...

Hey girl...

I know we have been busy in our own ways...seldom sms too nowadays... :) I must say it's been truly inspiring reading your blog esp. this one. It's very rare to find someone who truly appreciate life, and seeing the beauty of it despite its ups and downs. God has truly done so much in you. You were once a tiny bud... but now, a flower blossoming for His glory!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your mom's baptisimal. Truly a joy to hear that she believes and has found comfort and strength in the Lord. And may she and you continue to strongly grow in Him . Amen :)

jacksons said...

You work in Dell??? Hey, I want to buy a desktop - do you get a commision?

enn@j said...

Hey jacksons,
Haha...yes i work in Dell and i get commision, so better buy from me!

Why don't you wait til PC fair end of Nov for better deals? :)

chang wei hao said...

was reflecting on the same things recently... how the small seemingly insignificant anomalies, paradoxes, unexpected encounters that save our lives each day :)

Just watched a good movie called Stranger Than Fiction at the RZIM camp in melaka last weekend