Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tragic News

I received an sms from Joy yesterday night and until this morning, am still in shock. I just can't get over the thoughts of her tragic death
How inhuman humans can be

Here...the tragic news which took the life of the person who did make-up for me 2 years ago in A Little Less Conversation, a DUMC production. It was theft, house broken into and she was taped in her face, suffocated (asphyxia) and found 3 days later.
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    Some of the mails written about Peng by DUMCians

    Written on 23rd May:
    Dear beloved members and thanks Stephanie for all the wonderful statements and quotes about our dear sister.
    The wake ws suppose to have taken place yesterday eveing, but due to the police unable to release her, the wake will most likely be this evening at 8pm.
    We are still awaiting the new of her release.
    The venue for the wake service will be opposite dewan pustaka off jln Lok yew at the Christian & Chinese burial grounds.

    Last night the 2 cells from Bukit Antarabangsa met unofficially togather and talked about our dear sister. Sure there was a gloomy atmosphere but also laughs remembering how wonderful she had been with the cell through the past 6 years.
    Coming from Pengs immediate cell members, her last 2 days were quite extra ordinary.

    For many examples: She normally only visits her parents during the weekends to spend time with them. But last Thursday, she actually took leave to visit her parents and took them out to celebrate Mothers and Fathers day with them.

    On Friday, she appeared to cell with a presence and glow, as Edna who is Arthur's wife said she was so radiant. She was so cheerful, expressing herself during worship in a way that was radically different.
    She and Debbie during the last ride home together, sang hymns and Peng loved singing songs that she can echo at the end of the choruses.

    We closed in prayer last night, and the Lord through the Holy Spirit promted in my spirit to announce the confrimation that she is with HIM.
    It was proclaimed in PSALM 23
    Yea though I walk through the valley of shaw of death I will fear no evil.
    For You are with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me, surely goodness and love will follow me, all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, Forever.

    In my prayer I believe with all my heart, that her passing was peaceful. As much as it portrayed a very tragic sequence of events, an end to her life, but during those last moments Jesus had taken her without much suffering.
    "Yea though I walk through the valley of shaw of death I will fear no evil"
    This above was Peng. She feared no evil as she battled with the assailants, though succumbed to their aggression, I believe the Lord quickly took her instantaenuously.

    Her parents were very calm, of course sad, but they thanked Arthur and Edna for helping to look after their daughter all these times. I believe they saw a light, a glow in Peng which I believe they know who Jesus is through Peng. We also believe in Faith that they too will come to know the Lord through this experience.

    As we may never understand why, it probably cost Peng's life to win the entire family to Christ. Lets contiinue to proclaim and pray for salvation to all of Peng family members.
    After all those were her very own words " THIS IS MY JESUS"
    Well done Peng, Well done good and faithful servant. Enter into my Kingdom.
    Stephanie - This is an untimely death and since receiving the news, i cldn't stop thinking about her and the way in which she died. Yesterday Patrick sms-ed me that they are in calm spirits. Peng's family members are not Christians yet. Pls pray for them.

    I got this sms from Patrick :-
    At last Fri's cg, icebreaker question "If Jesus was here in our cell, what would you want Jesus to do?" Peng's reply "I would want Jesus to appear at my family's home when we are having dinner together and there I will say THIS IS MY JESUS'.

    Hung Lan - Backstage will certainly not be the same without the "lady?reminding everyone to cleanse, tone and moisturise before they get painted. Some of us have had different faces thanks to her skills. She will be missed.

    Believe it or not, I owe my face to Peng. Before meeting her, i wasn't taking care of my complexion and she lectured me that my face belongs to the Lord and that i should moisturize, moisturize, moisturize everyday if i'm going to be leading people in worship. Don't want to see a 'pucat' face but one that glows and comes alive. Since then i've been a good girl taking care of my complexion. If not for Peng, i would still neglect. Only thing i've not done yet is go for facial, which i know she will be very mad with me if she's still here. I will miss her very much.

    Dear Peng
    Although my encounter with you was short, just over one production, but your passing away overwhelms me too in grief. I'm privilege to have met you in that moment of sharing a few months together in laughter over rehearsals and back-stage preps. I remember dreading those elaborated 'paintings' on my face but you saw the need for it. Thank You for making my character comes alive through your skills in make-up, Peik Joo would not have been the same without you. I won't say goodbye but see you again when that day comes!

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