Friday, May 25, 2007



  • The series which I'm currently following, I think it's brilliant. It made me think in many ways.

    The DUMC dance partner, friend and wonderful sister-in-Christ who have recently tie the knot and venture to the next chapter
  • Joy Teoh

  • Baby Ava Madelene Lim, the newborn of Mr and Mrs Lim Fei Yau (my ex-dumc cellies) :)

    The cell group which i found some wonderful beings since back in Penang

    The mom whom I dearly cherish. Don't we look alike? Happy Mother's Day!

    The friend who is passionate about God and His people, has been on board Doulos for 8 months now. Occasional mails from her journey has been most encouraging. Pic taken in Taiwan

    The newly posted 'korean' friend in Penang, who is passionate about fishing and God's Kingdom

    The team which i have grown to love at work, especially my team leader :)

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