Thursday, June 07, 2007

Meaningful life VS the likes of Gucci, LV, Rolex, Tag....

Colleague A : Wei Jo, look at this bag. Nice or not?
Me : How much?
Colleague A : RM600, C bought at Changi Airport yesterday. Coach
Me : Wah! Kill me please...
Colleague A : Eh, you know F bought a Rolex for her husband at RM15K?
Me : Wat?! Walau ehhhhhh

I never understood the life and pleasures in a Gucci, LV, Prada, Tag....and the list is endless. I was just tumpang-ing my colleague's car back on monday while my kancil was at the workshop and I found out in her determination to earn more and reach to a certain level where she can splurge on a Tag. I told her I think with that kind of money, we can feed the hungry or the poor or put them into better use.

Here's an actual mail of what my manager says to motivate us to hit our numbers
"You want to wear Levi or Lady Like depends on this now...
You want to drive Kancil, or drive BMW, depends on this now...
You want to carry Sembodia, or Gucci also depends on this now… not later"
But it's sad that many are trapped in the life and meaning of materialism...especially more so in the sales line. I myself, too, have spend more compared to previously. But I dread this life...because I don't find meaning in a brand or a status. I work because I need this job...duhhhh. But $ itself does not motivate me. I need to find meaning, I'm trying to trust that I have a purpose at where I am now...TRYING. I so very much want to move on and pursue the desires of my heart but the realities of this world held me back.
Have you ever felt this way?

I envy those who can live their passion, especially if they live it for God. When I look at the faces of these people, I could see this certain shine in them, an unspeakable Joy. This, I yearn so much for. They are simple people, not trendy in fashion, does not own any LV or Gucci, drives a little car, never been for a holiday in a foreign country but they are rich in so many ways. Yea, the world may think they are not sucessful and does not own the luxuries of this life but so what? They have a Full Life. Will I ever find this life?

Is it because I don't have enough courage? or Faith? or Wisdom? or Trust?


aronil said...

Heya, so sorry long time never reply to your mail yeah. Been caught up at work.

Having read this entry, reminds me so much of what I see that goes on in my house sometimes. To me, I'd rather have all the joy in the world and happiness that God can provide for me rather than the petty feel-good moment of a bag or a top. In the end they are nothing but items with no humanity, personality, what have you.

I think we all have that occasion where there we may find that what we are doing has no purpose. But I believe if really our whole life has already been set out before us by God, then doesn't that mean, wherever you are always has a purpose. No matter how mundane it can be? Just a thought, but yeah.

Don't feel discouraged, think optimistic ^_^. There's always a plan for us all. Even if it is small.

I'll catch up on the mail soon, :P

artisticklytouch said...

dear..dont worry..

just buy anything as long as it revive ur mood and motivation..

enn@j said...

Thanks for dropping by :)
Yes, ultimately it's not where we are but what we do with where we are placed rite?
Yup, so hopefully with the little faithfulness we show at where we are placed, God will one day open up doors to the 'bigger' desires of my heart

Hey...apa macam kerja kat redang?
Anyway, buying things doesnt revive my mood or motivation. Haha

joygee said...

hey jo.. i echo your thoughts... materialism is very much around us but it is of no satisfaction to me... no doubt money is important, but once our basic needs are met, money just doesn't mean that much anymore...

so here goes to our aim in living a simple life! :)

Caretaker said...

Forget purpose in life and the lectures! :)

Reward yourself sometimes, right?

Or go to Petaling Street

BobGriffin said...

We are told to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. If this be so, then we should love ourselves as we ought to love our neighbor, and love our neighbor in the same way.

If therefore what attracts your eye does not lead to covetousness jealousy or pride, and the bank account or purse permits the purchase, then give to yourself.

Then you can find ways of doing the same for others.

For those who think meaning comes from all of these things; if that were so, then we would have no Buddhists. Meaning comes from the orientation of your life.

Be Well,
Bob Griffin

charity said...

down with designer brands!! the black hole of consumerism~~ :) HI