Sunday, June 10, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister!

My adik, trying to be creative

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEN MEI, my dear sister who is many many many years younger!!!!

She choosed a new school bag as her pressie...and she told me " Wah che (sis in hokkien), I like this shop, the things here so funky". And we got a T-shirt each cos buy 2 cheaper than 1

Nowadays we don't look so different anymore in terms of height and appearance as we did a few years back. In fact, she is taller than me! But she always complained to mom that as she grows older, she'll look younger just like her sister....nyek nyek nyek
I hope she grows up knowing Jesus more intimately and let him be the Lord of her life. I hardly say this but I Love You, Mei!

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