Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is there really a Choice?

I'm feeling rather low...trying to stay above the line
Everything's not going well, including my health

Thank God for friends

And I wish I have a dog's best friend

And finally, i wish i could give up this job (There! I finally said it goes to show how desperate I am). This brings me to the all time favourite word : CHOICES
You find these lessons in Spiderman 3, Fantastic 4 and almost all movies :a lesson that there's always a choice.
Choice to stay above the line or below the line
Choice to earn more or earn less
Choice to be happy or sad
Choice to be good or bad
It's all about the mindset, many claimed
Personally, I don't believe it's that simple. Sometimes, we are in a position where there isn't any choice but to remain at where we are due to circumstances which we have no control over. How then can one choose to rejoice? A choice is only a choice when it's chosen willingly right? If you choose because you are put in a position to choose, does this still qualify as a choice?

Say I don't like cheese but I'm at a place where all the menu that is served comes with cheese as part of the ingredients and I can't find another place to eat cos I don't have the money to eat elsewhere as this is the most affrodable place for me, what's my choice?
A To go ahead and order
B Not to order and remained hungry
Is there really a choice here? Either one I choose above is not because I am willing but because I have to
Let's just say I am choice-less at where I remained now and I'm not happy. Do I have a choice? NO. So I 'choose' to try and see the brigther side of life but I choose this decision because I can't choose otherwise. This picture below expresses all...

I've never felt reality to be so real until of late


coolcat said...

Are you feeling better now, dearie?

enn@j said...

Trying to...but yes :)
Trying to sort out my directions in a my life maze
Thanks for your concern dearie