Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Walking together

Words cannot express how glad and grateful I am to have good friends of common grounds, praying and walking alongside this faith journey together. We need each other to remain true to ourselves and encourage one another in our honest struggles to carry on a good fight to finish the race well despite the odds...
Especially in a world that's just so 'grey' these days with the rights and wrongs mixed up and personal agendas become more important than anything else. Where being more educated means being able to come up with more excuses to justify our acts

Here's to the heroes of this generation, thank you for your partnership
Phui, Steven, Yew Kong, Marion, Joy, Sian Lerk, Joshua...


Caretaker said...

totally agree. Glad you have such a nice bunch around.

enn@j said... too are part of the nice bunches of friends i have! :)