Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A New Home

A new weekend with a new home :)
May this house be a place of Love, Joy & Peace, filled with laughter and blessings for others too
May dad's heart and life be changed
May I learn to give Grace and Love to the most difficult man in my life

I suppose the word Home carries different meanings to different individuals. As for me, it never really mean anything in my growing up years to an extent I dreaded this place. But my perspective changed over the years, not because the place have changed or the people have changed but I believe because I understand that an imperfect home is still very much a home. And it is my duty as one who have understood to try make this home a better home than before. God willing :)

A Home need not be a physical building, am reminded of this phrase
"I walked into the heart of a friend and found a home"
Grew up here

Moved to here

She's 90 now and hardly can recognise any of us, i grew up with her. She made spicy food a big part of my life - my amah

My 3 beloved(s), dearly missed niece and newphews


aronil said...

Hehehe been a while since i popped by, And you've taken some quite lovely pictures of the scenes of Penang. THe picture of you and your amah is so touching aling with the two kids. Hope things are holding up on your end. Life ain't always hell! lol.

enn@j said...

thanks aronil :)
Its only hell from 9-6pm. hahaha

Hope to catch up with you soon in your next trip up