Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Which type of Christian do you / I want to be?

Worldly Christians look to God primarily for personal fulfillment. They are saved, but self-centered. They attend concerts and enrichment seminars, but you’ll rarely find them at a missions conference because they aren’t interested. Their prayers focus on their own needs, blessings, and happiness. It’s a “me-first” faith: How can God make my life more comfortable? They want to use God for their purposes -- instead of being used for his purposes.

World-class Christians
, in contrast, know they’re saved to serve and made for a mission. They’re eager to receive a personal assignment and excited about the privilege of being used by God. World-class Christians are the only fully alive people on the planet. Their joy, confidence, and enthusiasm are contagious because they know they’re making a difference. They wake up each morning expecting God to work through them in fresh ways.

-Taken from Your Commission
by Rick Warren (Daily Devotional "Purpose Driven Life")


charity said...

not to seem like a glass half-empty person but i think lots of ppl fall in between, where it's such a wide spectrum of possibilities. sometimes the struggle between both extremes leave us tired and comfortably in the centre. happens to me alot anyway! i suppose just the constant awareness of the direction we shld be heading to is the walking stick that props us up when we're tired.

but i ramble!

enn@j said...

harlo there! :)
Nice to hear from you again here

I do agree with you its always a constant battle because we are so 'worldly' often times. Haha
But I do believe when one truly understand that one is a product of Grace, one will know what it's like to give away grace and to be more Christ focus. To struggle is not wrong, it keeps us humbled that we cannot do this on our own.

It's not whether the glass is half-empty / half full but it's what you do with the water in it :)

haha i ramble too!

charity said...

slurp up sweet water! yum.

i think struggling keeps me alive and in check with reality. i'll worry the day i dont seem to struggle anymore. :) in a non-sadist kinda way...

enn@j said...

agree :)
p/s: I left comments on your blog too