Tuesday, August 28, 2007

*A pause*

Dear friends and gracious readers,
At this point, enn@j has decided to *pause* and take a break from blogging and go back to her conventional way of writing - journaling. A place where she is more comfortable in expressing herself with total honesty in her struggles, trials and triumphs.
She is currently learning lessons which she is not very good at - TRUST. But she knows her 'Teacher' will be able to impart in her very valuable lessons if she choose to listen, take notes and learn. Not a very attentive student with a short attention span , she struggles to pay full attention most of the time, distracted by the different opinions and perspective of others. But above all, she is just concern to focus on what she ought to learn to become the person she was made to be. And who better to learn it from then the One who made her?
She is afraid her heart condition may not be able to take it...you see, enn@j isn't very courageous in certain areas but reflecting back, she remembers her characters today were shaped through a very broken heart before. And for that, she understands, the One who made her is able to mend the conditions of her heart no matter what the outcome may be.
Also, she needs to seek for Direction with a Purpose. May she never lose her zest to live for Christ and a heart that continues to be broken for His people despite the tugging of her heart that the road she's on and ahead seem impposible.

So signing off for now from the beautiful island of Penang, enn@j should be back sometime in the future...but not sure when just yet
If you wish to leave enn@j a message / comment, please fell free to do so :) She'll still be replying. Till then, do remember her in your prayers whenever you can ya. Appreciated loads and God Bless!

The only things we can keep are the things we freely give to God.
What we try to keep for ourselves is just what we are sure to lose
-C S Lewis


aronil said...

Dear friend, do not distress, and we shall await your blogging return till then. Hope that you shall find that which eases your heart completely.

And I'm dedicating a video to you.
Click Here

enn@j said...

Thanks dear aronil :) Love u loads for being such a faithful reader and a special friend

Oh yea, congrats on your graduation!

Sara said...

wow the first time i see your blog, you say you are going to take a *pause*... hope you blog soon! thanks for leaving me a note on mine...