Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weekend in KL, 14th-16th Sept

enn@j is back but on a non-regular basis
I was away for a short break in KL. Wonderful to meet up with some friends. They are the "signposts" of my life. Here, sharing some pics

My Journey...and travelling companions :)

Dinner with Erica at a Korean Restaurant @ SS14. Hey sis "Sarang Heyo! You must Aza Aza Fighting!" Remember ya, peservere :)

Bunking @ Ivy's, the ex-colleague who is now a dear friend. Please eat proper meals and take proper rest! (i can imagine her reaction if she reads this ;p)

"Was Jesus Political?" Dialogue @ PJ Gospel Hall. Insightful

The Bla-duh who was so kind to pick me up from the dialogue to another appointment. Am happy for you! (you know what la)

Lunch with Joy, such joy to have started dancing with her. Am proud of you gal! Now so graceful de :)Thank you for your prayers

Tea with 2 lovely ladies, Deborah & Jessey (my dear ex neighbour)

Thanks Phui for the colourful elephants from Sri Lanka! This lovely gal is my "ho peng you", journeying alongside despite the distance

Dinner @ Heaven, The Curve. haha...yes, that's the name of the place!

Bumping into "Mustafa or Mufasa" on his Bachelor's Night and suddenly there's a "fei chai" popping out!

Baby Ava Magdelene Lim (so canggih right her name?!) and her proud & happy parents.

New premise of Dream Centre (Damansara Utama Methodist Church). I felt as if I was in a convention hall, probably the church has grown too huge for me?


aronil said...

Hehehe seee.... you got the blogging bug... you'll come back hahaha :) good to see a new post. Eh I want the pic babes.

enn@j said...

hey babe

Will email you the pics soon :)