Monday, October 22, 2007

3 in 1

A Farewell, A Birthday & A Wedding - 3 events in 1 weekend. Here are some highlights

Kelvyn's Birthday and Lincoln's Farewell
Introducing Kelvyn & Lincoln. They are such a sport!

Riding Rapid Penang. We had the bus to ourselves and the 2 retard boys did some stunts and got scolded by the bus driver.

A looooong wait for the ferry

We are such a "dysfunctional family"

"Cakes" for the boys by the streets

Ice-cream treat at 7-11 to end the night. Thanks kelv!

I had this picture on video and it made me laugh each time I view it. Kelv & Yew Kong were playing a game using their shoes & slippers. Haha

*Lincoln, I will miss your presence around. I'm not good with teary farewells & saying goodbyes. So a wacky one works better for the soul! All the best to you in your next chapter and I wish you Jesus in every step :)
Jimmy & Joanne's Wedding, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr & Mrs Uwei!
Finally after 8 1/2 years!

These pictures introduce you to some of the people from one point of my journey. I'm glad I came to know them. There are many chapters we shared and it goes back a long way. This wedding is like a small reunion. They blessed me when I was younger, paying for my meals, driving me around. So today I pass the blessings on in hope others will do the same to the young poorer students when they are working.



The boys, jokers. They never change

One joker is missing. Chuwy has shifted to KL.

Group pictures

Spot the twins

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