Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To Aniles

(ok, let me try again to complete an entry. This time, totally different from what I was trying to blog about previously)

People, I'd rather call them souls, have always been a big part of this blog. Especially friends. So this is written for a friend whom I greatly cherished. To a friend whom I haven't seen in ages. To a dear sister whom I have been locating for few years now. Was really glad, in an amazing way with a touch from the Divine One, I bumped into a lead to her at a funeral over the weekend. It took me sometime before I realised she is my lead to her, while driving to church the next day! (yea...I'm quite slow). So, believe in miracles, they do small packages :)

Dearest Aniles,
I hope you are reading this. Words cannot express how glad I am to finally be able to locate just your tel #. I have been praying for you (sheepishly I must admit, not regularly lah but you have always been on my mind) - that God will send people and friends to encourage you at where you are in life, that you are still very much struggling to seek Him (this shows you are still in Love with Him and He is still an important part of your life), that each struggle brings about victory in your choices, that God will help me locate you...somehow.
How have you been all these years? So has life been treating you? These are questions I really long to ask you, probably over a meal, and then just let our conversation bloom into a session of wonderful catching up.
I hope to be the friend you were to me during my darker hours in the past. To be the sister-in-Christ that can pray with you...I can provide tissue if all else fails. What say you? I know it could be awkward for starters buy hey, friends have no akwardness...once we start talking, I'm sure it'll be like we have never been separated.
My brain is a bit dead now...too much of * I can't mention this place where I toil each day *, so forgive me if I may not put this as nicely as possible. And finally, aniles "I Love You my dear friend and sister!" Between friends, there are no distance too wide a gap, years too far apart, time too precious to spend..for the Love Of Christ ties us together. (wah I dunno where that came from haha). I just want to say, let me share this walk with you and I'm just a call/sms/mail away.


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kiawin said...

To Aniles,

You are the one who guided me, providing a graceful hand in helping me to be a better person. I'll never forget that :)